Improve reading with a personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) tutor

Amira and her StoryCraft will engage and support your growing reader.

Personalized learning journeys

By practicing customized reading challenges, your child powers the StoryCraft from one great story adventure to the next.

Trained by the world’s leading reading scientists, Amira uses more than 30 different tutoring techniques to catch mistakes or mispronunciations, and provide assistance.

Rewards and motivation

As your child advances in the StoryCraft, they collect badges, achievements, and new friends. Amira’s feedback and encouragement is informed by leading motivational theory research and tailored to your child to keep them engaged and progressing.

Progress reports and updates

Amira’s parent dashboard also provides you with the tools you need to support your child’s reading growth. Detailed reports document your child’s progress and achievements, and customizable reminders.

Our AI-Student Assessment helps parents understand their child’s literacy level. Simple and actionable tips help guide what exercises to focus on week by week.

Amira meets your child where they are

We all have different needs when it comes to learning. Amira is a 1-to-1intelligent reading tutor - trained by the world’s top reading experts to identify your child’s unique needs, and adjust her coaching to help.

Wherever your child is on their learning journey, Amira is there to help them become a masterful and motivated reader.

Dyslexia Screeners

Distance Learners

Advanced Learners

Struggling Readers

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